Symposium on “Alternatives to Capitalism” in the new issue of “The Good Society”

The latest issue of  The Good Society is composed of a lead essay by myself and Democracy Collaborative research director Steve Dubb on the prospects for a “a community-sustaining economy”, followed by a number of pieces that explore different facets of the project of developing “alternatives to capitalism,” with articles by:

Thomas Hanna on public ownership of “too big to fail” corporations

Joe Guinan on austerity and the crisis of European social democracy

Marjorie Kelly on the shift to “generative ownership” of corporate enterprise

Thad Williamson on “property-owning democracy” and constitutional guarantees

and Joel Rogers on state and local policies for democratizing wealth

Notably, the journal is experimenting with open access; the entire issue is consequently free online via JSTOR until the end of August.


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