Democratizing Wealth: Notes Toward an Evolutionary Reconstruction of the American System

This is the first in a series of pamphlets I’ve been working on with the Democracy Collaborative, intended to make some of the research into the democratization of wealth we have been carrying out available to and useful for the Occupy movement.  With so many people ready to challenge basic assumptions about the economic status quo, we felt it was important to do our part to help circulate information about some of the concrete, effective alternative models developing below the radar.

This first pamphlet poses the question of how the increasingly unequal distribution of wealth in the United States can effectively be changed, and examines some existing community-scale strategies that point toward a structural, long-term reconstruction of ownership.  Subsequent pamphlets are going to take on the problem of how to do the same at larger scales.

Please share, print, and distribute widely! We’ll also have some printed copies of this available at my talk on “Emerging pathways to an america beyond capitalism” at Occupied Wall Street (1PM, Friday November 4th in Zucotti Park).

Download the pamphlet: Web viewable PDF | Imposed PDF for printing as booklet

Preview the pamphlet:

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